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APA Formating

Chicago Manual Style



Substantive Editing

What We Do

Your editor will review and revise your writing in the following areas:


  • Spelling

  • Punctuation

  • Subject/verb agreements

  • Tense consistency


  • Sentence structure

  • Proper use of paragraphs

  • Logical layout and sequence of paragraphs 

  • Abstract, Table of Contents, List of Figures/Charts/Tables, References, and Appendices

  • Argument

Stylistic elements

  • Redundancy, repetitiveness, and wordiness

  • Active versus passive voice

  • Brevity and elimination of sentences that add no value

Academic tone

  • Precise, formal, impersonal, deductive, and objective

  • Focus on facts not opinion

Logic and clarity

  • Overall flow and readability of the dissertation

  • Guidance on areas that need the author’s attention

Documentation and citations

  • Others’ ideas are credited and not accidentally presented as your own

  • Citations properly formatted

Adherence to the style required by your institution 

  • APA

  • Chicago Manual Style (CMS)

  • Institution specific formats/style guidelines

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