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Type 1: Formatting

Includes all necessary adjustment to ensure APA/CMS compliance (such as margins, font, citations, tables/figures/appendices, spacing, layout…).  We can adjust your document as per your university’s formatting requirements, if you provide the style guide prior to work commencing.


   Standard Rate: $0.03/word*


Type 2: Proofreading

Corrects only typos, spelling mistakes, and objective grammatical errors. This service is for thesis/dissertations than only need a final review to ensure consistency.


   Standard Rate: $0.03/word*


Types 3:. Standard Copy-editing

Includes formatting and proofreading. This service is for well-written documents that require minimal adjustments.

   Standard Rate: $0.04/word*


Type 4: Advanced Copy-editing

Includes standard copy editing as well as improvements to phrasing, flow, tone, and organization. This level of editing is suitable for most rough drafts.


   Standard Rate: $0.06/word*


Type 5: Substantive Editing

This level of service is designed for documents that require substantive support organizing and structuring arguments as well as maintaining consistency, flow, and academic tone.


   Standard Rate: $0.08/word*


(* determined from Microsoft’s Word official document word count)

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